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‘The Arnolfini Marriage Interrupted’ Jo Mazelis

One flame on the budget candle In the extravagant candelabra – Savings must be made somehow…   …then stage left, three girls, posh voices – Fuck it! Let’s go. We could go to Brum. We could get off at Hereford. You’re just so funny. She’s a right laugh. What’s that? I don’t know – my…

Record of a Moment / Jo Mazelis photographs Shani Rhys James

In February I went to visit the artist Shani Rhys James to talk about her work ahead of her forthcoming exhibition in London. I had been asked to write the introduction to the catalogue so I was excited to see both the new work and her workspace. I arrived at Welshpool station to find Shani…

Issue Five – Limited Number of Copies Available

There are now a limited number of copies of the previously sold out Issue Five available to purchase. Featuring a stunning list of contributors: Rachel Trezise. Gerald Dawe. Eimear Ryan. Uschi Gatward. Theophilus Kwek. Órfhlaith Foyle. John Freeman. Matthew David Scott. Katherine Duffy. Carla Manfredino. Hugh Fulham-McQuillan. Chris Cornwell. Craig Austin. Alix Nathan. Daniel Wade. Richard W. Strachan. Nick Black. Jo Mazelis. Jon Elcock. Ruth McKee. Jay Merill. Fred Johnston. Jonathan Taylor. Gary Raymond. Glyn Edwards. Jamie Guiney. Richard Redman. Sophie McKeand. Ian Steadman. Françoise Harvey. Tony Curtis. Rebecca Lawn. Kathy Groan. Susan Maiermoul. Edited and Designed by John Lavin. Cover photography by Jo Mazelis.

Meaning & Identity Part Two – Jo Mazelis

In the second part of Jo Mazelis’ Introduction to the photography in Issue Seven, she discusses the work of featured artist Humberto Gatica. In the late twentieth century photography was still fighting for a place among the fine arts and trying to distance itself from ‘the snapshot’; a word that demeaned the non-serious or the…

Meaning & Identity Part One – Jo Mazelis

Jo Mazelis guest edits the photography in Issue Seven of The Lonely Crowd. In this first extract from her introduction to the new issue, Mazelis focuses on the work of Maria Guerra and the Guerra family.  The pair of portfolios I’ve chosen as guest editor of this edition of The Lonely Crowd are in some…

An Interview with John Lavin: Part One

SMM: Is there anything about the times in which we live that contributes to your interest in publishing a journal of fiction and poetry rather than going into other media?

JL: Of course, it’s true that literature is not the primary medium anymore in terms of popularity and nor has it been for a long time. But it is still the most intellectually stimulating medium, in my opinion. It is still the closest you can come to understanding another person’s innermost thoughts about themselves and the world around them. It is easily the most intimate medium. As I said in reply to your earlier question, I think that more than most things I can think of, literature helps us to understand what it is like to see through someone else’s eyes.