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Issue Eight Launch – Photo Gallery

Photos from the launch of Issue Eight of The Lonely Crowd at Little Man Coffee, Cardiff. Photos by Michou Burckett St. Laurent. The Lonely Crowd in Cardiff were Jenn Ashworth‘s debut novel, A Kind of Intimacy won a 2010 Betty Trask Award. On the publication of her second novel, Cold Light, in 2011, she was…

Swansea Readings from The Lonely Crowd

We’ll be upstairs at Noah’s Yard from 730pm tomorrow (08/11/07) with an incredible line-up of writers. Admission Free. Copies of our new issue will be on sale at the event, alongside a selection of older ones. (Note: there will be an intermission half-way through the night). The Lonely Crowd in Swansea are:  Cath Barton is an…

November: Cardiff & Swansea Events

We’ve two free events coming up in November, featuring a host of literary talent from Wales and beyond: Philip Gross Jenn Ashworth, Jo Mazelis, Robert Minhinnick, John Goodby, Jane Lovell, Tony Curtis, Stephen Payne, Christopher Cornwell, Cath Barton, KM Elkes, Jane Fraser, Chris Hall, Marc Hamer & Hugh Doyle.