Vertebrae / Poems by Glyn Edwards

The Lonely Press is proud to publish ‘bright new star’ Glyn Edwards’ debut poetry collection, Vertebrae.

‘Glyn Edwards’ beautiful finely-wrought poems balance science and feeling, the stars and nature in a collection that adds up to the striking and intense life of one intelligent being. A  brimming universality conveys a strange, familiar and exhilarating world.’  Martina Evans

‘The poems of the natural world are breathtakingly vivid and the reader becomes gifted with the poet’s ability to see with exceptional clarity and steadiness. And not just see, but feel for and about. These poems will sharpen your perceptions, refresh your thinking, and open your heart. What more could you want? Welcome a new bright star in poetry. ‘I huddle into my coats / and hurry across the shore like a sandpiper.’ John Freeman

‘Those of us who have watched the work of Glyn Edwards developing over a number of years know him to be an exciting and genuine poet, with a distinctive, elegant lyric voice. It is brilliant to see him delivering on this promise in a powerful, moving first collection. The poet writes particularly movingly about family and fatherhood, about a picture of his wife on his phone, or the process of sorting a baby’s clothes once the child has outgrown them. Tender and varied, in touch with the darkness, these are poems to proclaim and sing, to celebrate and cherish.’ Jonathan Edwards

‘Powerful and resonant. [Edwards is] a poet who knows where he is heading and unapologetically takes us there… into the landscape of rural Wales and his own searching. A fulfilling, moving and energising collection of poems crafted from the erudite heart. So refreshing to read.’ Patrick Jones

Vertebrae is launched this Thursday 4th July, 6 – 8pm. 112 Upper Mostyn Street, Llandudno, LL30 2SW.

Glyn Edwards is a teacher in North Wales, an MA student at Manchester Metropolitan University and a graduate of The University of South Wales. He has guest-edited The Lonely Crowd and co-edits ‘Cheval’, the anthology comprising entrees to the Terry Hetherington Prize for Young Writers. He is described by Wales Arts Review as, ‘One of the most exciting voices in Welsh poetry.’



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