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Danielle McLaughlin: ‘Primal Cuts’

Danielle McLaughlin’s short stories have appeared in The New Yorker, The Stinging Fly, The Irish Times, and elsewhere. Her debut collection of short stories, Dinosaurs On Other Planets, was published in Ireland in 2015 by The Stinging Fly Press, in the UK and US in 2016 by John Murray and Random House, and, most recently, in Slovakia by Inaque.

How I wrote ‘There’s a Café in this story’ – Alison Wells

Alison Wells is a psychology and communication studies grad and author (as AB Wells) of the comedic fantasy Housewife with a Half-Life. Her literary short fiction has been published in Ireland, the UK and Australia including in The Stinging Fly, Crannóg, New Planet Cabaret & UK Flash Fiction Day’s Jawbreakers and Scraps. Alison blogs on & and has been Hennessy, Bridport, Fish and BBC Opening Lines shortlisted.

On Writing ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ – Jessica Bonder

Jessica Bonder is an American fiction writer and actor. She has previously published works in STORGY Magazine, The Bohemyth, Vending Machine Press, The Fiction Pool, Split Lip Magazine and Unbroken Journal. Her short story ‘Not Today’ won first place in STORGY’s 2015 Short Story Contest, judged by author Paul McVeigh. She holds a BA in English and Art History from the University of Pennsylvania. She lives in New Jersey. Tweet her @jessbonder.

Stroking Felix: On Writing ‘Living Under a Helicopter’ – Camillus John

My story entitled, ‘Living Under a Helicopter’, about a man who has to live with a helicopter on his back for twenty years was inspired by the song, ‘Sound of Da Police’, by big, African-American motherfucker and hip-hop Godhead, KRS-One. “Woop-woop! That’s the sound of da police Woop-woop! That’s the sound of the beast” His album, Criminally…

READ BY THE AUTHOR: ‘my german wine’ – Mark Mayes

Mark Mayes reads ‘my german wine’, his poem from Issue Seven of The Lonely Crowd. Mark Mayes’ début novel, The Gift Maker, is published by Urbane Publications. He has published stories and poems in numerous magazines and anthologies, including the celebrated Unthology series (#5, #9, and accepted for #10) from Unthank Books. His work has…

Three Poems – Fred Johnston

Fred Johnston discusses his three poems in Issue 7 of The Lonely Crowd. I was delighted to have three poems published in The Lonely Crowd, Issue 7. And especially to have some space in which to talk about them. I am aware, of course, that poems ought to ‘talk’ for themselves. So the best I…


NOTE ON THE DELAYED PUBLICATION OF THE BEAUTIFUL ROOMS BY VALERIE SIRR: ‘Valerie is currently recovering from the effects of long term undiagnosed b12 deficiency which is now being addressed. She expects to be well enough to launch THE BEAUTIFUL ROOMS in Spring 2018.’ Listen to Valerie read a short story from the collection, ‘Made…

Christopher Cornwell: Introduction to Issue 7 (Poetry)

Christopher Cornwell lives, studies and works in Swansea, his poetry has been featured in New Welsh Review, The Lampeter Review, The Lonely Crowd and Wales Arts Review for whom he also contributes criticism. He was the featured poet in issue 6 of The Crunch multimedia poetry magazine and is the current head editor of The Gull online magazine. The Lonely Press will release his debut collection Ergasy later this year.

How I Wrote ‘rain-mongrel’ – David Butler

Some years ago, I put together an experimental story entitled ‘Dublin Symphony’. A rather dark urban fantasy, it consisted of four movements: ‘Skin’; ‘rain-mongrel’; ‘Voices’; ‘The Sisters’. Each had its own narrative logic, its own cohesion, its own tempo. The structure, such as it was, was loosely musical, or was intended to be. I was…

Issue Five – Limited Number of Copies Available

There are now a limited number of copies of the previously sold out Issue Five available to purchase. Featuring a stunning list of contributors: Rachel Trezise. Gerald Dawe. Eimear Ryan. Uschi Gatward. Theophilus Kwek. Órfhlaith Foyle. John Freeman. Matthew David Scott. Katherine Duffy. Carla Manfredino. Hugh Fulham-McQuillan. Chris Cornwell. Craig Austin. Alix Nathan. Daniel Wade. Richard W. Strachan. Nick Black. Jo Mazelis. Jon Elcock. Ruth McKee. Jay Merill. Fred Johnston. Jonathan Taylor. Gary Raymond. Glyn Edwards. Jamie Guiney. Richard Redman. Sophie McKeand. Ian Steadman. Françoise Harvey. Tony Curtis. Rebecca Lawn. Kathy Groan. Susan Maiermoul. Edited and Designed by John Lavin. Cover photography by Jo Mazelis.

How I Wrote ‘Morning Glory’ – Fiona O’Connor

Fiona O’Connor, a former Hennessy Short Story Award Prize winner. Recently shortlisted for a Luke Bitmead Award for her novel, The Group, winner of Galway Rape Crisis Centre/Cuirt Festival Prize 2016, Kilburn Literature Festival Short Story Prize 2015, Shortlisted for Mslexia First Novel Award, 2015, Fish, Ambit, Asham Short Story Awards 2014, Highly Commended in The London Short Story Prize 2014. Regular contributor to The Irish Times Books Section.

How I Wrote ‘Gone’ – James Lawless

James Lawless discusses his short story, ‘Gone’, featured in Issue Seven of The Lonely Crowd. My story ‘Gone’ is about transience, about an old world and a new world, the monochrome and homogenous town of my mother’s generation and the multiethnic, modern metropolis of the present day as captured in the microcosm of a city…