From Issue Seven

Dublin Readings

We’ve an event in Dublin on March 8th, 7pm at The Workman’s Club in Dublin, featuring readings from recent issues (7 and 8) of The Lonely Crowd. We’ve an electrifying line-up of writers for the evening and you can find out a little bit more about them here: June Caldwell worked for many years as…

Swansea Readings from The Lonely Crowd

We’ll be upstairs at Noah’s Yard from 730pm tomorrow (08/11/07) with an incredible line-up of writers. Admission Free. Copies of our new issue will be on sale at the event, alongside a selection of older ones. (Note: there will be an intermission half-way through the night). The Lonely Crowd in Swansea are:  Cath Barton is an…

‘Revolutionary Road’ by Charlie Baylis

Charlie Baylis reads his poem ‘Revolutionary Road’ from Issue Seven of The Lonely Crowd. Revolutionary Road by Charlie Baylis on Vimeo. Written & Performed by Charlie Baylis Directed by Mark Campbell-Garrity Cinematography by Fatosh Olgacher

Danielle McLaughlin: ‘Primal Cuts’

Danielle McLaughlin’s short stories have appeared in The New Yorker, The Stinging Fly, The Irish Times, and elsewhere. Her debut collection of short stories, Dinosaurs On Other Planets, was published in Ireland in 2015 by The Stinging Fly Press, in the UK and US in 2016 by John Murray and Random House, and, most recently, in Slovakia by Inaque.