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On Writing ‘Rubbish’

Alix Nathan You know those questions people tend to ask of fiction.  Did it actually happen?  Is it the writer’s story?  In the case of ‘Rubbish’, no, it didn’t, no, it’s not.  I’ve never slept with a man researching liver fluke in sheep, never given into the particular temptation the story describes. Never quite.  I…


Tony Curtis: The Lonely Crowd Poems

These three poems, my first appearance in The Lonely Crowd, are quite distinct and represent some of my central concerns, poetic strategies and aims. “Pro Patria” is a confessional poem, the sort of deeply personal exposure which characterized my work in the late seventies and early eighties. I had lost my father and grandmother and…

READ BY THE AUTHOR: ‘John’ by Carla Manfredino

Carla Manfredino is currently studying for an MA in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths in London. She also reads for The White Review and volunteers as a writing mentor at The Ministry of Stories. You can read ‘John’ in Issue Five of The Lonely Crowd, which may be purchased here. You can hear Carla Manfredino read ‘John’ at our event at The Murenger, Newport, this Wednesday Oct. 19th, 730pm. © Carla Manfredino, 2016.  


Writing after Speech: Dialogues on ‘Epiwriting’

Whether as speaker or addressee, when caught in the act of dialogue we are at our most linguistically vulnerable. Moreover, utterance is far messier than ‘literature.’ Utterance refuses to summon ‘the best words in the best order.’ It is a muddled, imperfect business. Utterance is partial and incomplete. It stops, starts, hesitates, struggles; it is fraught with the dangers of ‘thinking on our feet’, saying the ‘wrong’ thing, ‘thinking out loud’ etc.


‘The Red Cycle’ by Kathy Groan

You will hold yourselves up to the light, like this, every twenty-eight days. You will turn, mopping the sweat and blood from your bodies, congealing in the heat of the sun. To congeal: to solidify or come to rest, as in ‘lumpen mass.’ As in matter: to change states, to coalesce, to be in one…

About the creation of The Codex Epiphanix

An experiment: what happens when the mind, hands, and eyes are left to their own devices? I tried not to imagine. And going backwards, I can see how somewhere in its origins, it wanted to be a map. A circle. A creation that dipped in and out of lucidity.


READ BY THE AUTHOR: ‘Conversations’ by Glyn Edwards

Glyn Edwards reads and discusses two of his poems from our new issue. Wales Arts Review described Glyn Edwards recently as one of the ‘most exciting young voices in Welsh poetry’.  He is currently completing his debut collection, Conversations, that investigates both historical and personal responses to Britain’s most popular verse. You can read all three of Glyn’s…

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‘Stolen Coat’ by Lane Ashfeldt

Aged seventeen I wore scraps rummaged from Granny’s wardrobe. A scratchy shift dress of cloth woven at Douglas Woollen Mills, smart long ago, now giving off questionable signals.     And for a time, an army coat from the charity shop. Whose army I do not know, the coat of some half-cut boy who should…

Join us for… An Autumn Evening with The Lonely Crowd

  Featuring readings from Rachel Trezise, John Freeman, Jo Mazelis, Kathy Groan, Gary Raymond, Matthew David Scott, Sophie McKeand, Chris Cornwell & Rebecca Lawn. Hosted by John Lavin. Venue – Little Man Coffee, Cardiff. Date / Time – 13th October, 730pm. Admission Free. Complimentary snacks. Fully Licensed bar.