The Lonely Crowd Pushcart Prize Nominations 2018

We’re proud to have published almost one hundred new works of poetry and fiction this year at The Lonely Crowd, something which made the selection process for the annual Pushcart Prize an almost impossibly difficult task. Ultimately we settled on these six pieces but we could easily have duplicated all six for equally impressive works. Having said that we do consider these six works of short fiction and poetry to be works of stunning quality and imagination and to represent The Lonely Crowd at its very best. (Click on the links below to find out more information about the individual pieces and in some cases to read them.)

Danielle McLaughlin ‘Primal Cuts’

Philip Gross ‘Writing it Out’

Jenn Ashworth ‘The Least of These’

Medbh McGuckian ‘Kepler 452B’

Christopher Cornwell ‘The Uninvited’

Jaki McCarrick ‘Fogarty’


Image © Jo Mazelis, 2017.