READ BY THE AUTHOR: ‘aerthsong’ by Chris Hall

Chris Hall reads ‘aerthsong’ – one of two poems by Hall featured in Issue Seven of The Lonely Crowd.

Born in 1945, and growing up in Chatham, north Kent, Chris Hall has lived in South Wales for over thirty years. He has been writing and reading his poems since the mid-60s, operating on both sides of the Wales/England border. His most recent publications include his collection of ‘weird tales’ Balladz f Bedlam (pub.Stonebridge 2002) and a reissue of his long poem Bneath Cragshhaddo (pub.Woodenhead 2015) based on his experiences while living in Prague soon after the ‘Velvet Revolution’, His work has also recently appeared in Scintilla, Tears in the Fence and in Richard Parker’s anthology on the subject of cricket, Leg Avant (Crater, 2002) and he is regular contributor to the Hay-on-Wye magazine Quirk.

You can read ‘aerthsong’ alongside one other new poem by Chris Hall in Issue Seven of The Lonely Crowd.

© Chris Hall, 2017. Image © Jo Mazelis, 2017.