Another Day

Starting again.

Over and over weighing the plus the minus the

imperative to continue, an old sun but new this

morning in the chilly air.



Trading fact and fiction of hope.

Of sense of possibility adroit in casting

history aside and turning from habit to

catch a warming ray.



Forging on.

Pressing on to demonstrate the point the

thread the cycle standing still beneath an

ageing growing star. As cold to hot to cold the

questions circle through the mind and out to

chance another fresh beginning.



thumping heart

behind car cold metal

crouch cornered



burning lungs

slam jump shout

oi you bloody kids

fuck-off home



standing walk

normal don’t look

normal don’t run

quiet breathing



shaking legs

front door nearer further

open shut –

better worse?


Copyright © Steph Power, 2015. 

Steph picSteph Power is a London-born writer and composer who has lived in Wales for 26 years. Her articles, reviews and interviews have been published in a wide range of journals, and she is an editor of the Wales Arts Review, as well as being an opera and classical music critic for The Independent. Her poetry has been published in Poetry Wales and Ink, Sweat and Tears among others, and performers of her music have included PM Music Ensemble, the Bridge Duo and renowned pianist Llŷr Williams.


Image: ‘Cologne’. Copyright © Jo Mazelis, 2015.