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The Lonely Crowd / Issue 8

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Issue Eight of The Lonely Crowd features new work from Jenn Ashworth, Cath Barton, John Burnside, Ingrid Casey, Christopher Cornwell, Tony Curtis, Glyn Edwards, KM Elkes, Jane Fraser, Melissa Fu, Jackie Gorman, Philip Griffiths, Philip Gross, Marc Hamer, Louise Kennedy, Alice Kinsella, Giselle Leeb, Toby Litt, Jane Lovell, Jo Mazelis, Una Mannion, Niamh McCabe, Jaki McCarrick, Medbh McGuckian, Thomas Morris, Stephen Payne, Sean Preston, Angela Readman, C.D. Rose, David Rose, George Sandison. Plus in-depth interviews with award-winning authors - and regular Lonely Crowd contributors - Nuala O'Connor & Tom Vowler.

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