Read by the Author: ‘Messages’ by Meadhbh Ní Eadhra

Meadhbh Ní Eadhra reads an excerpt from ‘Messages’, her short story in Issue Ten.

Meadhbh Ní Eadhra is from Galway in the West of Ireland. She writes in Irish and English and has published three award-winning novels for young people, Rua, Fáinne Fí Fífí and FayeShe won the Moth Short Story Prize in 2013 and has received numerous national Oireachtas literary prizes, most recently in 2016 and 2017. She was awarded an arts bursary from Ealaín na Gaeltachta in 2018.

© Meadhbh Ní Eadhra, 2018. Image © Jo Mazelis, 2018.