Constantinos Andronis – ‘The Dancers’

Issue Six of The Lonely Crowd features a series of new artworks by the Greek artist Constantinos Andronis, entitled The Dancers. Here, Andronis discusses the motivations and impulses behind these artworks. 

I was born and raised in Eleusis, Greece. I have studied Philosophy yet art has always evoked a deeply rooted emotional response. As has music and poetry. I should think that Philosophy has enabled me to view things beyond their finite structure, to seek beyond the form and surpass the perspective of mere depiction; this process formed my perception of the world – the inner and the outer – and is an apparent characteristic of my art.

I am perplexed by and forever seeking to embrace the sempiternal question on the ‘self’ in its unique, metaphysical and existential presence. What makes me, me? In this attempt to approach the complexity of the interweaving yet unique ‘self’ my art visits the notion of the fragility of the self and reflects on the solitude of togetherness. I do not seek to describe or illustrate through my art; I see art as a means to transcend beyond the seen, beyond the visual and through this journey of transcendence to evoke, provoke and ponder on the vital questions of the being.

Art, for me, is a psychic protolanguage.


I often think of my Dancers series as poems; as connected, resonant words. Each stroke bears its own spacial uniqueness and carries an inherent visual stimulus. The Dancers balance on their fluidity and the interweaving strands denote an amalgam of memory and existence.

Constantinos Andronis is a self-taught artist. He has exhibited solo in Athens, Eleusis, Crete and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and Italy. His work on Theatre Photography, Venice and Portraiture has been compiled in one monograph (published in 2009), whereas 2017 awaits the publication of a book on Ancient Drama featuring his work. Visit his work at or contact him at

(Images L to R: ‘The Moon Dancers’; ‘The Jazz Dancers’.) Constantinos Andronis’ The Dancers is featured in Issue Six of The Lonely Crowd, which may be purchased here.

Words and images © Constantinos Andronis, 2017.