Print Issue Preview: ‘Spider’ by Susmita Bhattacharya

“And this is the Andar Mahal,” the guide said, pointing towards the arched doorway with a flourish. “The ladies lived here. No man was allowed to enter, except for the prince, of course.”

The group followed him in. Their footsteps echoed on the cool stone floor. Pigeons roosting on the high vaults fluttered and gurgled, their reverie broken by the sudden activity down below.

The rest of this story is no long available online. It is featured in Issue Two of The Lonely Crowd, which can be pre-ordered here.


susmitaSusmita Bhattacharya’s debut novel, The Normal State of Mind, was published by Parthian in March 2015. Her short stories have appeared in several journals and magazines in the UK and internationally, one of which has been nominated  by Structo for the Pushcart Prize and one has won highly commendable prize at the Frome Festival Short Story Contest. Her short story, ‘The Summer of Learning’, was recently featured on Radio 4.

Copyright © Susmita Bhattacharya 2015. 
Banner Image © Jo Mazelis 2015.