Print Issue Preview: from ‘Limestone Man’ by Robert Minhinnick

‘Richard Parry is a painter who cannot paint, a writer who doesn’t write. His obsession is Lulu, that ‘orphan off the street’, his aboriginal ‘green child’. 

But on returning from Australia to his hometown he finds it has become notorious for the suicides of young people. As Parry tries to connect past and present he is haunted by dreams of Australia and of his youth. Yet is Parry all he seems? Isn’t he frankly, ‘a bit creepy’? How trustworthy is memory? And what has happened to the vivacious Lulu?’

Issue Two of The Lonely Crowd features an exclusive extract from Robert Minhinnick’s new novel, Limestone Man You can pre-order it here.


Robert Minhinnick is a prize-winning poet, novelist, short story writer and essayist. He has won Wales Book of the Year and the Forward Poetry Prize. He has read at literary festivals around the world.



Banner image: Copyright © Jo Mazelis 2015