PRINT ISSUE PREVIEW: ‘Pulse’ by Valerie Sirr

Your Dad’s fingers tapped the armrest of his plastic chair. He kept perfect time. You knew because your hand was resting on his. His feet tapped on the sandy floor and yours swung in mid-air. You had to stop every so often because the rim of your seat dug into the backs of your thighs, but you could not stay still for long. Dad said it was celebration music, you wrote in your diary later.

This story is no longer available to read online. To read the rest of ‘Pulse’ order Issue One of The Lonely Crowd here


Copyright © Valerie Sirr, 2015.


Valerie Sirr at Cork Short Story Fest 2014Valerie Sirr‘s collection of short stories received funding from the Arts Council of Ireland under the title-by-scheme in 2014. Her short stories, short shorts, and poems are published in Ireland, UK, US, Australia and Asia. Honours include 2007 Hennessy New Irish Writer Award, Arts Council of Ireland literature bursaries, and other national and international literature awards. She holds an M. Phil. in Creative Writing from Trinity College, Dublin. For more information visit Valerie online at

Banner image: Copyright © Jo Mazelis, 2015. Author photograph: Copyright © Paul McVeigh, 2015.