We’re delighted to announce that the poetry in Issue 11 of The Lonely Crowd will be guest edited by Glyn Edwards. Submissions are open from today until August 30th. The following is a short message from Glyn:

Not conscious

that you have been seeking


you come upon it 

RS Thomas’ ultimate place poem, ‘Arrival’, could be equally describing the discovery of any ideal: a lover, a view, a gift. It is also a fine analogy for the seeking and finding of a poem.

As Guest Poetry Editor of Issue 11, I am eager to receive poems that seize something ordinary and make it transcend for a unique moment, or explore the habitual so it is changed forevermore. Having no preference of theme, register or content, my sole agenda is to appreciate with fresh eyes and to respond. I greatly look forward to reading up to three of four poems, or one longer poem, in each entry, and to giving your poems the opportunity of a wide and engaged readership.  

The Lonely Crowd is a literature magazine where academic essay and photographic narrative are on consecutive pages, and where one story may have been written by one of Wales’ foremost authors, while another could have been penned by someone utterly uncertain of their pedigree. Having had my poetry published in the magazine in the past, I can assure all contributors that the prize for being printed in such a collection is affirmation.  And, for writers, as for everyone, affirmation is transformative.

Glyn Edwards

     There is everything to look forward to.
The same submission rules for poetry in regular editions of The Lonely Crowd apply: work must be previously unpublished; simultaneous submissions will be considered; contributors to the issue will each receive a complimentary copy of the final issue, as well as a three issue subscription to the magazine.

Please attach your poems in a Word document, include a short biography, and send your email to; I hope to respond to all submissions within six weeks.

We do not publish fiction or poetry by the same author in consecutive issues, so if you are going to be featured in Issue 10, please don’t send work for Issue 11.

NOTE: Normal submissions are currently closed. (Due to the overwhelming number received, we are currently still considering fiction submissions from our April window for Issue 11).

Fiction The word limit can be anywhere between five hundred and five thousand words.

Poetry Ideally we would like to publish three poems by each poet featured in the print issue and so it would be most suitable to send three to four poems for our consideration. If sending particularly long poems, on the other hand, please restrict your submission to one piece.

Contributors to the print issue all receive a complimentary copy of the anthology as well as a year’s subscription (3 issues plus p&p) to The Lonely Crowd. Unfortunately we are unable to pay for work featured on the website.

Work must be previously unpublished. Please state if you are submitting your work simultaneously. Likewise please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

We will aim to respond within four months.


Please send your work (accompanied by a short biography) to Please send your work as a Word document (no PDFs).


We highly recommend reading a copy of The Lonely Crowd before submitting to the magazine. You can purchase The Lonely Crowd here.

Banner Image © Jo Mazelis, 2018.