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The Lonely Crowd / Issue 10

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Issue Ten of The Lonely Crowd can be purchased below. The full list of contents is as follows:

Two Poems Bernard O'Donoghue/ That Night Caitriona Lally / Four Poems Angela Carr / The Day After the Funeral Kate Hamer / Saloon John McAuliffe / The Blue Tent Richard Gwyn / An Interview with John Freeman John Lavin / Two Extracts from The Benign Comedy Sam Coll / A Berlin Entrainment Peter Hughes / Badgerface Lucie McKnight Hardy / Two Poems Glyn Edwards / Brave Girl Kathleen McMahon / Three Poems Kevin Graham / Messages Meadhbh Ní Eadhra / An Interview with Susmita Bhattacharya C. G. Menon / Marked Susmita Bhattacharya / Three Poems Cheryl Pearson / Leave a light on for me Jane Fraser / Three Poems K. S. Moore / Bottle Gardens Paul Whyte / Two Poems Kevin Cahill / White Thread Eluned Gramich / Two Poems Carla Manfredino / Soft to Good, Heavy in Places Grahame Williams / Two Poems Ellie Rees / A Place Like This Neil Campbell / nocturne at kindltide Chris Hall / Above it All Angela Graham / An Interview with Christopher Meredith Glyn Edwards / The Train North Christopher Meredith / Dinner for Two Sophie Van Llewyn / Telling Secrets to the Walls Tracy Rhys / All Honours that are Due Dan Carpenter / Three Poems Ros Hudis / The Ferryman Arnold Thomas Fanning / Four Poems Patrick Jones / The Lonely Crowd Essay Christopher Cornwell / Edited by John Lavin / Cover photo Jo Mazelis.

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