PRINT ISSUE PREVIEW: ‘Dazzling the Gods’ by Tom Vowler

Even the bluebottles have succumbed. Half a dozen, upended on the window sill, legs sculling the air in attempts to right themselves. The room a kiln, sun livid as it seethes onto the glass, braising him in a broth of wretchedness. People comparing it to a time before all this, when there were standpipes in the road and you could cook an egg on the kerb.

This story is no longer available to read online. To read the rest of ‘Dazzling the Gods’ order Issue One of The Lonely Crowd here

Copyright © Tom Vowler, 2015.

6747202Tom Vowler is the editor of the literary journal, Short Fiction, and is currently working on his second collection of short stories. His first, The Method, won the Scott Prize in 2010 and the Edge Hill Readers’ Prize in 2011. His second novel, That Dark Remembered Day, was published last year.


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